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Sport II Trigger Pull Force too high


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I have a Sport II , and I find that the pull force is way to high compared to my O/U and other Semi autos I have used before. It feels like its up in the 6+ lbs area.


Are others having this problem?


Does anyone know a gunsmithing service that can dial it back to the 3lb's area?


I checked Cole Gun and they don't do Benelli's, also contacted Briley and they won't touch it either.


Any help would be appreciated.

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I've never used a super sport II, but I've long felt the trigger on my m4 is absolute garbage compared to the rest of the gun. Mine wobbles back and forth, has lots of creep, and is heavy like you mention. I've looked at my trigger assembly and there is no glaring problem/solution I can see, and I've used other m4s that also have the same terrible trigger ... so I've come to just accept that benelli triggers are terrible. I try to ignore it when I shoot in order that it doesn't ruin the rest of the gun for me.


I also have asked a few places online if they work on benelli's, but I am yet to find one that will. Theres also the reliability/safety issue, so I'm not too keen on letting just anyone mess about with it ... I just wish they came better from the factory. For the money they cost, they should be much better.


That being said, the rest of the gun is 110%, and I'm picky. If a terrible trigger is the price I have to pay for an ultra reliable smooth shooting semi auto, I guess it's a price I'm willing to pay.

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