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i got to shoot an old stevens bolt action 10ga today. 3 1/2 mag 2oz #6 shot. O MY GOD!!!! i cant believe people really hunt with these monsters. what a freakin cannon. this guy had an old single shot break over thats an 8ga.he said he cant find ammo for it, i wouldnt shoot it if he did. his grand dad made a board with all the different gauges of shotshells on it.from 410 to 00 gauge. they run as 410,28,20,16,12,10,8,6,4,2,0,00.he said that from 6ga down were mounted on the nose of a boat and used to hunt geese on lakes up north. you guys up north ever heard of such??

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The large gages were from the days of the market hunters and like Nikolai said typically mounted as a punt gun on a skiff or boat. Do some web searches on this stuff its kind of interesting to see how they used to do it.

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