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  1. Can't be a sally with a pump gun. Rack it like you mean it!
  2. I will be testing just how good of a clay buster my Supernova Tactical is. That is all. (Rifle sights, Comfor-tech stock) Should I expect to have any luck out of an 18.5" barrel?
  3. Doesn't appear to be elevation adjustable. Odd. No big deal, just thought I would find out. It's already spot on windage wise, but at 50Y it shoots about an inch low with slugs. I will have to go back out and figure out where I need to aim to hit the center of the target. Thanks guys. ETA suppose I could post a pic of the group! 5 slugs, 50 yards:
  4. I just learned that the rifle sights on my SuperNova are adjustable but I have no idea how to do it, and if it is just windage, or both windage and elevation. Thanks to those that can help, the rest of you bug off. ETA I bought it as is, no manual, box, or anything.
  5. I have put about 150 shells through my Supernova (uses same extensions as Nova) with a Tacstar extension and no issues what so ever. I do have a barrel clamp on it though.
  6. I have a Tacstar +2 on my Supernova Tactical and was hoping that the Nordic Components extension clamp would work with this setup. Tube diameter on my extension is 1". Maybe someone with a Nordic Extension could measure the diameter of it to see if this clamp will work for me? Any other factors I need to take into consideration? I know I may seem a little anal but I'd rather buy once and not deal with returning something. -Thanks guys
  7. I just now got really interested in clays as i tried it for the first time this past weekend and am thinking about trading or selling my 18.5" barrel. Do they come with chokes ? -What could i get for my barrel? It is the rifle sight one not GRS. -Where could i buy a field barrel for it? If i ordered from Benelli would it come with chokes and a choke wrench? -Thanks all
  8. I could never part with my SuperNova Tactical.
  9. Can't wait to shoot this beast. I can snap some better pics of anyone would like me too
  10. Bolt has some exterior cosmoline as you can see. Ginormous pics =D
  11. Just wanted to let you know that i picked up a new toy. Another Benelli? Nope. A....... YUGOSLAVIAN M48! Perfect fun gun! Bore has a little pitting which i read up on and has 0 to little effect on accuracy and the stock had a few cracks which i am fixing. cleaning the bore still and it keeps improving. Just ordered the front sight hood. Action is being bedded into the stock as it was a little loose in there. Will post when i check out how the bedding went.
  12. I know what you mean dusty. I can't find a PG anywhere.
  13. Does this fit the SuperNova as well ?
  14. I love how much the Comfor-Tech zaps the recoil and it is comfy but, the Steady-Grip well, i don't really need it, just would add to the "Tactical" look. Guess i don't really need it.
  15. Looking to trade my Comfor-Tech for one + cash if necessary.
  16. My SNTAC can use 3.5"... I have yet to use them but by all means my shotgun isn't "girly".
  17. Smooth bore I'd say your max is 75-80 yards. Rifled you can do double that. - I have seen someone drop a White-Tail at 100 yards with a smooth bore using rifled slugs. It was an old Browning A5 IIRC.
  18. While 200YD shots are possible with a fully rifled barrel and some VERY VERY expensive sabots, wouldnt you be better off with lets say, a .308?
  19. http://www.midwayusa.com/viewproduct/?productnumber=929834 Will this work Tucker? (I'm coming to you from now on if I have any questions about my shotgun) =)
  20. SuperNova Tactical drilled receiver "Screws" ? -Just ordered M4 x .7 x 4mm Set screws to fill the holes on the receiver. Please don't tell me i ordered the wrong ones...
  21. I am looking for either dummy screws or the rubber inserts for the top of my SNTAC Receiver. Anybody know where i can get them? I already contacted customer service and they don't sell them.
  22. Everything that was in the box is included EXCEPT the Allen wrench for the standard rings. PLUS i bought better rings for it. (Worth 20.00) Asking 100.00 (That includes shipping) OBO Minor wear from scope rings, other than that it is 100%. Selling because i plan to upgrade. Holds zero w/slugs out of 12GA. Retails for 120.00 (Remember, the better rings were an extra 20.00) It isn't always automatic on/off, there is dial to where you can make it stay on.
  23. I took the plastic plugs out and didn't keep them, and now i am looking for either more of those, or some screw in ones. Any ideas where to get them? -Took them off my SNTAC
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