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Benelli shoots 6 inches high


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I have a 10 month old M2 that is great in every way except one. It shoots 6 inches high at 21 yards. I have tried going to the "C" shim and it changed nothing. Benelli says that is within their specs. I have 5 other shotguns that all shoot point of aim at 21 yards. I don't understand it, but unless you want to try re-learning your shooting technique, I'd recommend another brand of shotgun. I don't know if a gunsmith can help me, but this does not seem "World Class" to me. The first customer service "lady" I spoke to said maybe my barrell was bent. :mad:

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Benellis tend to shoot high - it's by design - many Euro guns shoot high.


My SBE II shot high even with the C shim, so I ground down the A shim, which I will never use, and added it to the C shim to make a poor man's D shim (a D shim is not available in the 2 series guns).


Enough folks complain about the high shooting that I would think Benelli would have made a shim change by now.


Some folks have had luck changing beads to change POI, but that only works if you are using the beads to aim, which many wingshooters do not.


I've got two new Brownings BPS's that that shoot maybe 18" low. I guess I should not buy any Browning products. What should I do with the six Brownings already in the safe :confused: Or maybe I could spend $5 and change the beads? Much more fun to bash I think....


Nice first post btw - just couldn't resist the bashing :)


Also btw, to anyone that doesn't like my reply, save it, you must have me confused with someone that cares.....

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Guest GunCrazyD

if you are used to shooting a domestic made gun these will all shoot high..they are designed different..float the target on top of the bead..if you cover the target with the bead like if you shoot a remmington then guess what? it will shoot high...yes you do have to re-learn to shoot this if you've shot others for years...but once you do figure it out you will realize that seeing the target is better than not...

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