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Which Kicks tube???


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I searched, but really could not find an answer. I have a Nova and bought a kicks tube for it. At Bass pro they did not have any of the Beretta/Benelli tubes and they told me the Benelli SBEII/M2 choke would work. They showed me it screwed in and fit. After getting home I put it in and it just doesn't look right. It looks like an extended choke with the ported barrel. I know they have crio chokes that are extended for the SBEII, but benelli also has extended tubes for Nova as well. Everything seems to match up length wise from the bottom to the threads and the threads match up as well as diameter, but then there is the 3/4" extension before the porting begins. Is this safe, will it work?or do I NEED to get the Beretta/Benelli tube? Bass pro is an hour away and if it will work PROPERLY then thats great, but if it is not safe then i will have to go back. Thanks.

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If i had to bet on it,i'd say no..should not be a 3/4 ext from the porting..it should come up against the edge of the Kicks choke...and the edge of your barrel...take it back..and get your money back and go on the Kicks Web site and get the right one if your not sure just email them and the rep will answer you in short time...i know i've asked them a few questions about B/C and their chokes their pretty good about making thier chokes safe for people...Honkers41

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