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Found a used SS today - good deal or no deal?


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I've been looking for a good gun to shoot clay pigeons with (not quite into trap or skeet yet, just out at the range hitting targets right now - also not into hunting) and I came across a used Super Sport today in really like new condition for $979 (all original accessories included). Is this a good deal? I've been doing some research since I got home and have read both good and bad about the SS. Are there any major problems with the SS I should be aware of? I am a female and am somewhat concerned about recoil, but I have tried my husband's M2 and it didn't bother me nearly as much as the Beretta Teknys I tried. I've also been looking at a Remington 1100, but love the looks of the SS. I would appreciate any thoughts.

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I have the supersport with 28 inch barrel. Like it for "distant" clays - the ones way out there. Will be good for waterfowling too, but Here's what I would say. With the 28 inch barrel, and the extended choke, the gun is 50 inches long. This gun is simply not going to fit everyone. the 30 inch barrel version is going to be a real broomstick. I am thinking about getting a shorter barrel for my gun for upland and other types of hunting, and clays as well. The gun is awesome in performance. Cycles great, and has all of the new benelli do-dads like corrosion free spring. Obviously will not shoot 3.5 inch shells so some people will not consider it a waterfowl gun or a turkey gun. I added a limbsaver recoil pad to mine because that cuts more recoil than the comfortech pad. for under 1,000 dollars it is a very very good deal - buy it if you like the feel of the gun. You might be in the same boat as me and look for an additional montefeltro 24 or 26 inch barrel for different situations.

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