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choke tubes for trap


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I have a remington 870 pump that I,ve used for trap. I shoot low 20's consistantly. My stoeger condor (standard) gets me only in the low to mid teens. Should I change the choke tube that came with it?? If so, what should I put in it. Thanks to all you guys who participate here.

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A few questions:


First, if you shoot better with your 870 than with your Condor, why change? The 870 is probably a better gun and probably has a better trigger than the Condor.


Second, what choke is in the 870, and what choke is in the Condor? Unless the Condor has somethign like a skeet choke in it, its probably not a choke problem. Modified is a good startingpoint for shooting trap.


Have you patterned your Condor? That is, at about 35 yards, where does the pattern shoot? If it shoots a significanly different point of impact than the 870, that's likely your problem.


Also, it may be a gun fit problem. An ill-fitting gun is one that doesn't shoot where you are looking.

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pattern the condor at 35 yds and get a benchmark on how it is shooting then adjust to distance to trap house and adjust your lead! I use full choke in my SBEII and hit 20's + a lot. I do not go much anymore because my ABQ City range will only allow 1 shotshell in gun at any time at any station for trap? gives my hands cramps!!

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Any respectable range that gives a darn about safety will have that rule. They're not being jerks, they're just following the normal and customary safety rules that most shooting ranges follow as a matter of course.


To do any different is unsafe at a shooting range.


Helps keep you from "forgetting" how many shells you have in the gun, and thinking you're empty when you're not.


Hundreds of thousands of trap rounds are shot year-round by people loading only one shell at a time.


I don't shoot at ranges that don't care about safety.


Go on back to your ABQ City range, shoot trap loading one shell at a time, and enjoy yourself.


The SBEII bolt stays open after the last shot, right? Just load the next shell in the ejection port and push the bolt release button when its your turn. Piece of cake. That's how I did it when I used to shoot an 1100 for trap, and its how my daughter still does with her 1100. No inconvenience at all.



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I guess the 10% theory would come into play here thanks for the info, it is a safe range and could be safer. I spent lotta time on Military ranges and if you were unsafe at them the Armorer would grab his Baretta and explain to you after he got yor attention where you messed up and what will happen the second time! HIT THE DOOR!! Our trap ranges and skeet ranges are much safer than our rifle ranges! way too many people and not enough armorers, not enough eyes!! gets really busy on weekends, so i go during week days!!

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