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SBE's and misfires


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Okay guys this has been something that has really been bothering me with my gun. I have tried everything that I could think of. Kept the gun extreamly clean, never used too much oil. Tried different springs.


So today while stripping down the gun and cleaning it again I started to investigate a little more why the bolt doesn't always rotate fully and I get a misfire. What I found is this. The locking bolt pin hangs up on the upper "track" on the bolt. Almost like the shoulder is too square or there is too much of a shoulder there.


Out comes the Dremel :eek: don't get too excited. ;) I wrapped a wad of #0000 steel wool over a shaft and went to polishing away.


I put the gun back together and the bolt rotates into battery soooo much easier. Only about 1/2 the force that it was taking to get it into battery as before.


Now I'm pulling on the bit to get out and see how it works. Problem is, I'm going to be working the next two days. Maybe Sunday.

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All of my Benellis get some Dremel time at one point or another.


Also watch for shaving shells when the chamber mouth gets sharp as a knife (about 10,000 rounds for me). I knock the edge down with a round diamond knife sharpener.


Good home smithing work!


mudhen - CA

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