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Nova rifled barrels


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well, i know what the cantilever mount is... i'm asking because the barrel is sitting in my room right now, and the only extra weaver rings i have now are bushnell's and they do not fit. the cantilever mount is much wider than the weaver.


the mount is 7/8" at widest part and approximately 1/2" at the narrowest. it is also about 1/8" taller than what my rings were made for. basically larger in all dimensions than my weaver ring. now, is there a different style weaver that i do not know about?



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honestly, i don't know what kind of rings i tried to use. i bought a bushnell scope w/ rings for my 10/22's "weaver" base, and they worked, but i ended up using a different set of rings for the 10/22. so the only set of rings i have now are from the bushnell.


ok, i'm looking through the 10/22 manual, and i used these rings on a "weaver-style" scope base. is a "weaver-style" different from a weaver?

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See pages 30 and 31 for photos of Weaver Style and Tip Off. 10/22's are available both ways.


A Weaver style ring will have a cross-bolt that fits into the grooves which run perpendicular to the length of the base.


Click each for a ring sample.



Weaver Style


Both use a clamping style of mounting, but the Weaver Style is wider than the tip-off.

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so a tip-off is basically a narrower version of a weaver? i know there's probably more to their differences, but i one brief description, is that accurate?


from those 2 pics, i'd have to say the ones i have are more like the tip-off. and if the weaver are a little under twice as wide as the tip-off, it looks like the weaver is definately what i need.


thanks tucker

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