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SBE 1 wont cycle


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Ok guys I have owned Benellis for years and a buddy of mine has a SBE 1 that will not cycle 1 1/8 loads these are the same loads my gun cycles fine.(Remington Nitros) Now this gun never had a problem cycling loads until last yr, so when the problem started we cleaned the recoil cylinder and spring: no rust in cylinder. Did not fix so then he bought a new factory Benelli spring. Did not fix. Then he bought a sure cycle system, did not fix. Now I have clean stripped the whole gun with brake clean and reapplyed light coat amsoil synthetic MP to all slides and springs. Did not fix. Anyone have any Ideas? Help PLEASE!


Oh yea, one more thing. It will cycle anything 1 1/4 or heavier just fine.

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Check the hammer. Is it mushroomed at all where it strikes the firing pin? Mine did that and the mushroomed edge was hanging up inside the slot in the bolts tail piece. Forgive my terminology but it's the long piece that slides back into the butt stock. You'll see what I mean if it's doing it. I filed the mushroom off the hammer and haven't had a problem since. It's been a couple years now.

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