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Hello from New York City!


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Hey guys, someone of you may recognize me from the HK forums, but yeah, I just bought a Benelli M1 Super 90 (actually traded it for one of my HK pistols). Luckily I found an M1 that's NYC compliant with fixed stock (non-pistol grip) with a magazine capacity less than 5 (3+1), and a barrel length longer than 16". Now I can finally compete in 3 gun competitions!


Just curious, what M2 accessories will fit on the M1? Also if I wanted a replacement barrel or a longer one, does it specifically have to be an M1 barrel or can I use an M2 barrel?


Anyone else here from NYC? Most of those that live in NYC with shotguns are Mossberg/Remington folk...

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LOL tell me about it! The rules and regulations are insane. It took me 18 months to get my pistol permit and I have a squeaky clean record! It took another 6 weeks to get the Long barrel license. Only pain is that it's nearly impossible to get ammo here. You have to buy ammo from an FFL, and cannot ship ammo into NYC. Usually this means I have to hike out to NJ, PA, or CT to get my ammo at a decent price.


If you want to see how complicated the process is, I've actually written up an FAQ for NYC so that others can go through the convoluted process:



Many have used the FAQ and successfully gotten their licenses!

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