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Carlson Chokes

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i was wondering if anyone has used the dead coyote choke by carlson and if so what did you use it for, and would it be a good choke for deer hunting. if anyone has any suggestions on what choke would be better than the regular mod or full that comes with it. or would that be my best bet to use the full choke. thanks in advance:confused:

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I have used:


Primos Dead-deer choke .685

Carlsons extended full .695

Benelli Mod

Benelli IC


So far I am ordering a Trulock IC choke. IC did the best with buckshot and slugs for me. The Primos Dead-Deer choke did throw some good patterns though. It cost me $30. As did the Carlson's .695 Full choke.


If you want, I could sell you my Carlson's (it threw good patterns with small shot, not very good at all with buck, but each gun is different). and my Primos Dead Deer choke.


PM me if interested.

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