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  1. If you are useing that Vinci in a duck blind and you get it porterd my guess is that you wont be invited back! Way to loud. I wish I could get a non ported barrel for my mossberg.
  2. I used it this season. I got 3 Teal with it. 15-20yrd shot which doesnt prove anything. I'll need to see how it shoot at longer distance. I do like Black Cloud the best out of my Mossy 9200 with IC choke.
  3. I like the Federal with the flight control wads. Killed turkeys out to 60 yrds.
  4. I have shot trap off and on,more off than on, over the years. I have never had or shot a true trap gun. I used to shoot a Remy 1100 Mag. I shot this gun great but started to have trouble with it so I got rid of it. Now I shoot a Verona LX502. I've got over 5000 rds through it,mostly at trap. I have also used my Mossy 835,Stoeger Condor 20ga, Stoeger Uplander 16ga,Mossy 9200 12g. Yea I get a lot of looks. Any and every time someone has a comment about my gun or what I should be shooting I ask them if they are offering to buy me one. That shuts them up. My point is shoot what fits you and/o
  5. I had the chance to buy a FAIR 16 ga with a 25" barrel. It weight about 6 lb's. Sweet gun! It had fixed chokes so I didnt buy it. I'm not about to spend 2 grand on a gun then another 5 or 6 hundred to get tubes insalled and extra tubes. But anyway I think a light gun with shot barrels are great for Grouse hunting.
  6. I use Condor with SK over CYL. Shell- Rem High Vel.#8's, 3/4 oz. Uplander 28 ga IMP/MOD with #6's. Both for Grouse. Uplander 16 ga #5's(home made) for Pheasants.
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