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  1. Da*n can we get through 04 first! lol
  2. I don't care if the camo comes off of mine tommorrow, it shoots great! Bagged a ton of ducks and geese already. The camo pattern on mine had no noticable problems from the store, although I do notice that the max-4 camo on the gun is alot lighter than the Max-4 pattern is supposed to be. But it blends perfectly with the switchgrass we brush our blinds with!
  3. Do you recall the thread size? My research tells me 2.6 mm. Is this right?
  4. Has anyone replaced their factory beads with any of the Tru-Glo products? I am thinking of using the fat bead for the front sight, and moving the current front sight to the intermediate position if they are threaded the same. If anyone has tried this and succeeded/failed please let me know.
  5. No, Mine was ordered and I was elated when it came in...Should have been more careful, although, if I did notice it, I would have still bought the gun. I was just tongue in cheeking M104's post.
  6. Why should the critics look in the mirror? Will it fix my safety problem with my SBEII?
  7. I inspected my brand new, just out of the box, nver been shot, SBE2 and noticed now defects. Of course I got the camo version, so if it is there it is under the wrap......
  8. How do you remove the bolt retractor lever? The manual says give it a firm pull, but the **** thing won't budge. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong?
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