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  1. Hey guys!............Be aware,if you don't already know, that the old Benelli/Beretta chokes that have always been interchangable, are no longer such! The threads in the new Benelli generation of guns are different, but the old factory chokes will still fit the newer Beretta guns!
  2. tj........I recently got a Briley extended choke [modified/Camo] for my new M2 . Beautiful patterns at 40 yards with #2 Hevi-shot. Can't say its really that much better than the Crio mod choke that came with the gun however! One caution........Remember how Beretta and Benelli chokes were always interchangable?.......No more, with the new generation of Benelli's. The threads are different.
  3. I agree with everything you guys have been saying about Hevi-shot! Great stuff! I use a Mod choke from Briley [extended and camo] with #2 Hevi-shot in an M2 Benelli.........the Benelli Mod choke does about the same thing in terms of pattern and results!
  4. I have to agree with Birddog...........Even though they are more expensive, Hevi-shot is where its at! I shoot #2 shot at Geese with good success. Give up something else and go with Hevi-shot.........
  5. Ace

    Almost here

    We're still waiting for the big flocks to come down from the north here in Colorado! They are sure taking their own sweet time! Whats the reason? Anybody? Thanks.
  6. tj.........When you say "extended tubes", I assume you mean after-market tubes like Briley,etc........is that correct? Aren't the Criochokes that come with the gun just as good? Thanks!
  7. Just bought an M2. For goose, can I safely use the Mod Criochoke that came with the gun to shoot Hevi-shot ? The manual doesn't say if these chokes are for lead, steel, Hevi-shot, or whatever! Can you shoot anything using these chokes? Thanks!
  8. My question is.........Can I use Hevi-shot safely with the factory Criochokes that come with the new Benelli M2 ?
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