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    3 vs 3.5

    There are many knowledgeable shooters who feel that the 3 1/2" 12 gauge shell offers marginal advantage but at a much greater cost in dollars & recoil. But in this day of "bigger is better" magnumitis, you will surely find defenders of the 3 1/2". Cheers, YJ
  2. Beretta bought Benelli (and Sako & Tikka & Franchi & Stoeger & Burris..... )
  3. Oops! Messed that up! Hi Adam, Hello from a fellow St Augustinian, although I left there about 34 years before you were born! Sorry to be so late in replying..I'm new on the board. At around your age I started out with a Rem Mod 514 .22, then got me an old Iver Johnson "Long Tom" single shot 12 gauge (killed a lot of squirrels & marsh hens (most people don't know what those are). We hunted around Moultrie Creek, Dupont Center, Pellicer Creek, Tocoi & St Mark's Pond (north US 1). Can't say we were too successful on deer, but we sure had fun. After finally ending up with a s
  4. Actually, the only difference in the two barrel lengths is how the shooter likes the weight, balance & swinging ability of the shotgun. Any shotgun expert will tell you that the difference in the two barrel lengths has absolutely no discernible effect on the pattern or effective range of the gun. Cheers, YJ
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