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  1. also thought i would share this picture from a hunt this year.
  2. Last hunt of the Utah season, not a bad way to end the year, my first and last honker of the year both were carrying a little leg iron.
  3. sean mann double trouble for ducks. Sean mann shorty guide XT for honks.
  4. thought this was a pretty cool picture.
  5. SBE II with a Briley LM and Federal Premium Ultra Shock 3 1/2" #1's
  6. Sean Mann all the way, i blow a Shorty Sweet Talker for honkers and the competition hybrid for quackers.
  7. **** what i would give for a mature dark speck.
  8. you gotta get the crio plus if you shoot a SBE II.
  9. i have a buddy that bought a couple for snows, if there is wind they are deadly!
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