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  1. also thought i would share this picture from a hunt this year.
  2. Last hunt of the Utah season, not a bad way to end the year, my first and last honker of the year both were carrying a little leg iron.
  3. sean mann double trouble for ducks. Sean mann shorty guide XT for honks.
  4. thought this was a pretty cool picture.
  5. SBE II with a Briley LM and Federal Premium Ultra Shock 3 1/2" #1's
  6. Sean Mann all the way, i blow a Shorty Sweet Talker for honkers and the competition hybrid for quackers.
  7. **** what i would give for a mature dark speck.
  8. you gotta get the crio plus if you shoot a SBE II.
  9. i have a buddy that bought a couple for snows, if there is wind they are deadly!
  10. Utah and most of our neighboring states allow you to take 7 mallards in a 7 bird limit, although only 2 of those can be hens. So i don't know where Maltese got his info from about "no state allows more than 4 mallards"???? Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming i know for a fact allows you to take a full 7 bird limit of mallards.
  11. sdkidaho, i will be up there in the firth area myself, good luck to ya buddy.
  12. just got back from the opening 2 days of the wyoming season, 4 shooters ended up with 47 mallards and a loner goose. Pictures on watefowl pictures post.
  13. The remnants of the use of 2 SBE II's. [ 09-12-2006, 06:39 PM: Message edited by: cut emnova ]
  14. Headed up to wyoming for the early season, 2 bird limit we did pretty well.
  15. cut emnova


    is blackjack the only person that has had his SBE II ported? if not lets hear what you others have to say!!!
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