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  1. CH, This is what I found; I used this opening weekend in IL. I shot a woodie-it hit the water and bounce right back up. I threw one more out for good measure and to my amazement it was like I shot a slug at the little drake. It never opened up at 40+ yards. So, I shot again, similar result with many flyers. So I shot again, this one opened up and did the job. After we retrieved the duck, I also retrieved the wads and they never opened up. I shot 6 more times on the water. With 2 more results of the Slug type of splash on the water. If my math is right that is 1/3 of the time th
  2. Hevi shot 3 " 4's or 6's for decoying , 2's otherwise and sometimes a Hevi shot turkey load for a backup shot thru my Stoeger M2000.
  3. It's about the money, not the ducks?!?
  4. JV

    Benelli jamming up

    shane19 you dumped your M2000 and buying a SBE I? I was reading some threads here and some issues like M2000>>>?? How about a New I 12 vs. used SBE I? Just a thought good luck.
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