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  1. rowdy50, I'll try your recipe, sounds good! One of my favorites is to cut the breasts nugget size and marinate overnight in Kraft Spicy Italian dressing, wrap in 1/3 piece of bacon (with a small piece of jalapeno pepper) and grille! 'Shore is good eating! Magnum Force
  2. I've got a Stoeger M2000 - also got an SBE and an A5 - they've all got 28" barrels. Shot an 870 with a 26" barrel for a few years and liked it fine, but my preference is a 28" barrel. Maybe it's because that's what my dad shoots - he just turned 80 and I just turned 60, but I value his opinion - 28" barrel just swings better for me! It's all just a matter of personal preference! Magnum Force
  3. Hey guys, be patient! Let David get the bugs worked out! I've been a member since August 2000 - I'm considered one of the "old timers". It's a great duck hunting website, probably the best! I visit there every day, except when I'm in Arkansas, Tennessee or Louisiana duck hunting! Magnum Force
  4. 28" barrel length is what I prefer! A5, SBE and M2000, all 28's. Magnum Force
  5. Best all-around RNT call - acrylic "Daisy Cutter"!!! I've got several RNTs, and I always have my Daisy Cutter and Short Barrel on my lanyard! I was at the RNT shop the Saturday after Thanksgiving, had the corks replaced in these two calls by John Stevens (he took the time to do this), and he went on to win his third World Championship later that night. RNTs customer service is second to none, been doing business with them since the 80's. Magnum Force
  6. Boot foot neoprene waders, either Hodgman, Lacrosse or Cabelas. The grams of thinsulate in the foot would depend on how cold it gets where you hunt, i.e. 1200 - 1600 grams for the midwest and northern states, 1000 gram (nothing less) for most of the rest of the country. In some areas you can get by with 600 grams, but usually more is better! I live in Northeast Texas, hunt here, Arkansas, Louisiana and Tennessee - my preference is MO Breakup Hodgman neoprene, 1200 grams of thinsulate! Buckshot40
  7. mudhen is right. On the water ducks cluck, so just use ticks and tucks, leave out the a, as in ticka or tucka in a rolling feed call (what ducks do in the air). Learn to say the word "cuck". then you've got it. Get the RNT instructional cd or the Buck Gardner instructional cd or video. they're really good!! Magnum Force
  8. The calls on my lanyard are both acrylic RNTs - Short Barrel and Daisy Cutter! I hunt flooded timber mostly and they do what they're supposed to do! However, I always have with me an Echo acrylic timber call and a cut down Olt D2. You just can't have too many calls!!! Magnum Force
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