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  1. I have shot my SBE 1 for years with all kinds of different loads and never had a problem. Cheap ammo at Wal-Mart or any other place will effect the performance of your gun.
  2. I was being nice and asking if you had a way to send those pictures! I don't need them for myself I wanted to show my friend. So after READING your post I went home and took my older Benelli apart and we compaired bolts. Problem solved!
  3. Tucker, I can't get to the links to see the pictures. Do you have a way to send them to me? We hunt Chukars alot and that extra shell comes in very handy. Thank again for the information.
  4. I have had a Benelli Super Black Eagle since they first came out and I can get an extra shell under the bolt. My best friend just bought a M2 and you can't get the extra shell under the bolt. Is there something we can do to fix this. We don't hunt Federal birds so getting the extra shell in is a nice thing to have. One more thing, do they still offer the two shot mag extention in camo?
  5. Benelli, BEST shotgun I have ever used.......Period!!!
  6. Update! They told me that they would refund my money because they are not sending out the new model guns until all the older models are gone. So now I have to wait untill all the old models are gone. They told me to call back in about one month. I told customer service that was like buying a 2006 Ford and the factory sending you a 2005 then telling you sorry but that is just the way it is.
  7. Got through everything is cool. Sorry for taking up extra space.
  8. The rib width and the way the guns work are two other way the cordoba is better suited for shotting clays. If your going to spend the money just do it once and get the sporting gun, otherwise you will chase your tale by trying to make a field gun into a clay gun. The only disadvatage you will have using the cordoba in the field is the noise due to the ported barrel. I would be willing to bet you that the cordoba will shot any light load were as the M2 might not eject the light loads (1 oz. or less). Since you said your going to spend most of your time at the range get the range gun. The chokes
  9. Does antone know why they are not answering the phone? I called 4 times today and it just keeps ringing. No automated system or anything like that.
  10. You are the man tuker301, that is exactly what I was looking for. Now as soon as I get my 20 Montefeltro I will one happy guy.
  11. Do you know everything about these guns? Do you know if there is a larger fiber optic sight that is offered in 2.6mm?
  12. Does anyone know if there is a Bradley site that uses the same thead as the Benelli? I want a Bradley front sit that is white that I can install myself. Any info would be great.
  13. Has anybody else had this kind of luck?
  14. P.S. do you know how to show pictures on this forum.
  15. Thanks tucker301. I like to float an extra shell when I'm chukar hunting is the only reason I ask. The 20 gauge will let me care a few more shells in my pocket and a little more water. Light gun means more ammo. I hate the little *******s and hunt them with a passion.
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