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  1. I am left eye dominant and shoot right. I tried to switch to shoot right, but too difficult for me. I experimented and practiced with a few routines until I landed on one that works well for me. Both eyes open as I bring up the shotgun and then close left eye in the second or two as I swing through the target. It has been working quite well for me. I shoot clays in a fun league and am serious in the field, so doing the blanked left lens is not practical.
  2. has been a Franchi Alcione T. Like SgtCathy, I had the LOP reduced to fit me better. I live in MN and hunt in some relatively cold weather (single digits F is not uncommon). The increased amount of clothes can be a problem. Find the best fit for you, plus make sure the weight of O/U is not a problem.
  3. One thing to consider, too, is the load you are using. The variables in the patterns include the shot size and quality, along with the muzzle velocity of the load you are shooting, along with the choke. I am really happy with the choke tubes that came with my Cordoba and new 12 ga Monte...as they are extended & crio. For my son's older SBE, we got some trulock extended chokes, and he really likes them. I also have a set of extended trulock tubes for my Franchi Alcione. Take some time with some of your favorite loads for field and range, and do some basic patterning. You learn a lot
  4. I picked up an Alcione, too, just a month or so ago (traded a fella for it...M1 super 90 for the Franchi). Because of my size, I had the stock shortened about three-eighths. As for shims, I think you may be out of luck. I have had the butt stock off. If you look how the stock and the receiver/action fit together, there really isn't a way to adjust this. If you are serious about this, you should go to a gun smith/fitter to see what adjustments can be made.
  5. I grew up in SE SD...here are a couple suggestions for smaller operations: http://www.alsdream.com, and sioux river wildlife preserve Both of these are on the east side of the state. They are also pretty small operations. I know the owners of each. For a broader offering of what SD has to offer, look to http://www.pheasantcountry.com BTW, get a non-resident license, good for two 5-day periods (good for non-preserve space like private land, walk-in land, and public land). This non-resident license is also good all year round for any preserve in the state. The preserve seas
  6. I picked up a new Cordoba, and I am considering changing the recoil pad to a shorter version. Has anyone made this change? and what were the things you considered when you did this? I am not a very big person. Also, up here in MN, we usually have extra layers of clothes on during hunting. I shoot trap, also, in the summer. Thanks.
  7. I'll wade in here...I have an older M1, and older SBE, and a Montefeltro in 20ga. I also own about a dozen other shotguns - 870's, Faustis, Browning O/U, Stoeger, Winchester, Mossberg, etc. I have had a few issues with cycling in cold weather (below zero), but a change in lubrication solved that. The M1 is my "go to" gun. When its time to get serious, there is no other choice for me - Benelli.
  8. Ach!!!! I forgot to include that my SBE is wood stock. Thanks for looking this one up, but it is for composite.
  9. I have an older SBE that is missing the emblem from the base of the pistol grip. Anyone have an idea where I could find one?
  10. I am looking for the method to date a SBE I was able to pick up used for my son. Anyone have the magic formula to decipher the serial number?...or is there a different way?
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