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  1. Hey STEELER FAN , When is your birthday? I want to buy you a new keyboard with a working caps lock key. Good luck with your ammo problem. luckypunk ETA: Has anyone tried mic'ing unfired winchester at the hull & brass? [ 02-06-2006, 10:23 PM: Message edited by: luckypunk ]
  2. Who cares about the Seahawks/Steelers, I don't think they would have made anyones top 10 for "teams You'd like to see play in the Superbowl" The best thing about the Superbowl is the commercials anyway The best sport season starts 2/19 The best thing about UFC is NOT watching Coutoure lose (again) It's the up-and-comers
  3. Who cares and Who cares $0.02
  4. Umm....If you were to shoulder the gun too tightly it would NOT work. You can fire the gun "from the hip" and it will cycle. Try switching ammo manufacter, especially if winchester, as some have reported problems BTW: If you shoot yourself or someone else while shooting from the hip, it is your own fault.
  5. They probably have an xbox360 auction to get in on too.... Mall ninjas, the lot of them
  6. luckypunk

    SBE 1 Balance

    What is with everyone wanting recoil reducers, comfytech doodads? The SBE (1) is perfect RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX. Man-up, your soft white underbelly is showing.
  7. I think Butch-Ms got it right, turkeys are smart. Other than that, probably not. That being said I think My timber SBE is gorgeous. I mostly hunt upland game, a lot of brush busting ect. the camo minimizes the scratching, and they almost look like they belong.
  8. luckypunk


    I think comfortech is a gimmick. Get ahold of a regular SBE, they are the real deal. 1st. post, get used to it.
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