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  1. Benelli Nova for turkey hunting and back-up waterfowl Winchester Super XII waterfowl if there is possibility of geese and general hunting squirrels, rabbits anything rough that I don't want to worry about scratches, water, mud, ice trap and sporting clays Stoeger 2000 sporting clays, trap, pheasant preserve hunting, waterfowl ducks over decoys 1986 circa Remington 1100 trap, nastalgia hunts with dad and brother SKB O/U grouse over pointers
  2. The advantages of an O/U are having 2 chokes available while on stand easier to retrieve empties for reloading safety at the range, others can see your action is open and the barrels are in a safe dirrection. Usually very pretty Disadvatages: Cost more, but are getting competative with some autos Will recoil more and your shoulder will take a pounding on long shooting sessions That pretty gun will get scratched up in the field Auto loaders: Will be a little cheaper then an O/U Gas or recoil operated will still have less felt recoil versus an O/U Wider range i
  3. Big Bird


    In general most shoot 3" steel #4, #3, #2, #1 for ducks. With #2 being most common. And #1, BB, BBB for geese 3" or 3.5" The hevishot #4, or #2 are great all around it you can afford to shoot them. But $18-25 for 10 most can't afford to shoot them too much. You really should pattern your gun with the load you intend to use. shoot at a large piece of paper at 40 yards and draw a 30" circle around the center of the pattern, count the # of holes The one with the most holes that is the most uniformly spread is the one YOU should use. I use 3" win drylox #4 for ducks, 3.5"
  4. I have an SRM Terror choke .675 for my Nova. It is an awesome turkey choke with Hevi-shot. Very uniform and high pellet count patterns. And devastating duck/goose choke with steel shot BB or smaller. I use 3" #4 for ducks and 3 or 3.5" BB for geese
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