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  1. I was always told to keep hunting dogs putside so they get acclemated to the cold. if they are inside all the time and used to the heat, as soon as they getoutside in the cold they're goin get cold real quick and not want to hunt. This is what I was told you can do what ever you like.
  2. I think I'm to get a condor supreme or the 12/20 combo. What y'all think? The omly thing about condors is there is no scroll work on the recever, but then that is one less thing to worry about!
  3. split arrow


    I'm deciding to buy a mossberg o/u. Has anyone used this gun? are mossberg's a piece of crap or good guns for less money. I'm new to o/u and wondering if a 3 inch chambering will shoot 2 3/4 shells. Also is the silver reserve's safety automatic or manual? Thanks for your help in advance.
  4. he didn't have a camera in hand. That is one of those cameras you strap to a tree. If you notice in the bottom left hand corner the company name is cuddleback. They cameras like that.
  5. nice pic but I think the duck was preoccupied with eating tons of corn (possibley from baiting).
  6. if your not allowed to bait any other game animals then why should you be allowed to bait ducks? To me baiting is kind of like poaching in a way, you make the best possible situation for ducks to come in instead doing homework scouting out the best possible place to set out decoys call in ducks and actually work for your limit. I could see baiting at a club for young hunters or the disabled.
  7. I have a Franchi I-12 with a stock bolt handle and it flies out ever second shot I shoot.
  8. the Remington 870 in 20 gauge is light weight and little kick. I started using it when I was 14. I although the Franchi line of shotguns have real ow recoil I have had nothing but troubles with the I-12.
  9. I have a similar problem with my I-12, every second shot the bolt handle flies out of the bolt instead of breaking. (before anyone asks yes i'm sure i'm pushing it all the way in). only Franchi CS is shipping me two handles free to me. The only bad part is the ship from Italy is 45 days out. So much for using it for duck season.
  10. my favorite bird would have to be the woodie or the canadian. but then i like to shoot at anything that comes flying by my blind (if it's legal!)
  11. there is no difference in what a pattern would look like when using the same chokes. a longer barrel makes it seem like the target is closer. The difference is if your hunting in tight woods you might want a shorter barrel. If i knew how to set up a link, I would give you to americangundog.com and have you look at the Shootin Straicht tips.
  12. stay away from the m2000. the 870 is a great gun. I went from an 870 to a I-12. Iwas thinking about the 2000 but read so many bad reveiws and not enough good ones. So I saved up a couple more bucks and bought an I-12 and LOVE it.
  13. ar, i have an I-12 and love it. Iwouldn't choose the 11-87 over the I-12. one thing else to say buy the I-12 you will never regret it.
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