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  1. Good evening, everybody. I'm looking for a new or used 24" SMOOTHbore barrel (preferably black, but I MIGHT take a camouflage one, if the price is right.) for a 12ga SBE II/SBE2/Super Black Eagle II. Please PM me with photos, your email, and price, plus shipping cost to zip code 92672 or 92067. If you're in nearby SoCal, Arizona, or Nevada; I might pick up in person. I can pay via PayPal, Venmo, money order, cash in person, etc. (I might be interested in purchasing a 24" rifled slug barrel much later down the road, but this is low on my priority list.) Thanks. Semper fi
  2. Is anyone going to answer this question? So far, I've heard from two people that it's not a good idea to shoot shot through a rifled barrel because the rifling will supposedly get damaged. I disagree somewhat, since most shot is made of soft lead, and barrels are made of hard steel. But until I hear from a real expert telling me otherwise, I won't shoot shot through a rifled barrel.
  3. I have a +8 extension for my 28" SBE II manufactured by Nordic Components, making the total capacity 11+1. I also purchased their barrel clamp, which is drilled and tapped to accept a sling swivel; and their large bolt handle, which seems to be the same weight as the factory handle so as not to affect cycling. Nordic Components also manufactures the following for Benellis (and Remingtons): 1. tactical rail (for mounting on left and/or right side of the barrel clamp) 2. low drag metal follower 3. Tec Loader Extensions for loading up to 8 rounds into the shotgun at a time (othe
  4. Plus, Nordic Components makes +8 tubes too.
  5. Who has pix of Socomguy's tube? Is it better than Nordic Components' tube?
  6. How does the Titan pattern? How long have you had it? Frank
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