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  1. RMW59

    M4 Takedown Pin

    I have a Benelli M4 with a Tac-Star Side saddle. When I had the side saddle installed I did not receive the take down pin back. I would like to run the gun without the side saddle and need a take down pin to do so. Let me know if any of you have a take down pin that you would be willing to part with. Thanks, Rob
  2. I just purchased some items from Johnny and he is awesome to deal with.
  3. RMW59

    M4 take off stock?

    Just got it and I sent a PM back to you.
  4. Crazy as it may seem, these stocks sell for high $. I've seen a number of them on gunbroker go for the buy it now price of $900 and I've seen some go for over $1000. I wouldn't buy one for that price, but I would probably sell one for that.
  5. RMW59

    M4 take off stock?

    cop1211 I just sent you a PM. - RMW59
  6. RMW59

    M4 take off stock?

    With all of the posts on the forum where users have put the collapsable stocks on their M4 shotguns, I would think that someone has a standard M4 pistol grip stock that they would like to get rid of. Anyone?
  7. RMW59

    M4 take off stock?

    Does anyone have a factory M4 take off pistol grip stock that they would like to sell? Thanks, RMW59
  8. Commando, I'd like in on one of those stocks as well, if your source comes through. Thanks, Rob
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