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    retired welder, 47 yrs, hunt turkeys, doves, few ducks & deer, make Cost style boxcalls
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    Columbia, S.C.
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    hunt,make turkey calls, training 2 Labs
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  1. A 3 1/2" Auto may or may not cycle some dove or target loads. BOB
  2. Does the state you live in have a 'lemon' law? BOB
  3. I think Nellis & Rettas are a 16mm. BOB
  4. I will shoot every Sat. & Wed. at one of my club fields all 3 seasons. BOB
  5. You can only change the safety, stock shims & recoil pad. I made a RH 20 M2, LH by doing this. BOB
  6. Look before you leap. Should have. BOB
  7. Let S.W. send the gun back to Benelli for you. BOB
  8. I have a Vinci, my second one, a 12 & 20 M2. One is no better than the other, but, you never have enough guns. BOB
  9. DIY would depend on how mechanical minded a person is. I had 2 'gunsmiths' look at one of mine for 30 mins. & had no idea where to start to change the safety. One said put the trigger group in a zip lock bag, that spring looks like it has tension on it, don't want it to fly off & get lost. BOB
  10. agm65ccip, I've come to the conclusion, I've had 2 Vinci safeties changed from right to left. You can also send it back to Benelli & they will change it. BOB
  11. Yes the safety can be changed from right to left hand. My gunsmith did mine in about 15 mins. BUT, he is a gunsmith, not a parts changer. BOB
  12. Have you called Benelli customer Service? BOB
  13. The safety can be switched to LH. BOB
  14. As a last resort you can add a slip on recoil pad. I did that to a youth model Nova (20) that I used as a turkey gun. BOB
  15. How many rounds did Tom Knapp fire through his gun? BOB
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