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  1. Sorry Steve, been away for awhile. I got my Steady Grip from GunBroker.
  2. I have a Galco FLETCH for my Glock 19, a Strong Leather Piece Keeper for my Glock 22, an Aker Flatsider for my H&K USP 40c, a Sidearmor kydex for my FN Five Seven, a Desantis Nemesis for my Kel-Tec P3AT.....That's it for my carry guns. For my duty Beretta 92D I have a Safariland 6004 SLS thigh rig but last year I switched to a Blackhawk SERPA thigh rig. I also recently picked up a SERPA thigh rig for my new duty weapon, a Smith and Wesson M&P 40. I can't wait till I get issued the M&P!
  3. Yeah, the ducks have been taunting us here since the season ended, and I've seen many flocks of geese flying through here at night lately.
  4. I heard good things about the H.S. Strut Undertaker, and for $20 you can't go wrong, so I picked one up. I haven't had a chance to pattern it in my gun though. We'll see how it works out.
  5. I recently picked up a Steady Grip stock for my Supernova. Definitely worth the price. Look around, they're out there for decent prices.
  6. I would just save a little longer and get the camo Supernova. That way you'll have nothing to regret later.
  7. I had the same question on my new Super Nova just over a week ago. I never noticed it on any other pump gun I've used either. After these guys told me it was normal, I took the gun to the range to bust some clays, as expected, it worked flawlessly.
  8. Thanks for the input guys.....You all were right. It just seems that My buddy's Nova that I've been using for duck, didn't do this. I went back to the shop where I bought it, and the guys checked it out. One of them said it didn't seem right, so they pulled a brand new Supernova off the rack and it did the exact same thing. He said "I'll be damned", handed my Supernova back and said "have a good one".
  9. The bolt does stay locked nice and tight after you rack the action and load a round. After pulling the trigger, the action just falls open. If you point the gun upward, the action opens to the point of almost ejecting the round in the chamber. After you pull the trigger and the gun is empty, the action will not lock into place. It stays completely loose. The bolt assembly is able to just move back and forth in the receiver.
  10. I searched, but couldn't find an answer. So I picked up a used, practically new condition 26" Supernova in Max 4 at a local gun shop. I checked it out in the store, and all was good, but I didn't dry fire it. I get home and get it back together, put in a couple of snap caps, cycle the action, pull the trigger, and the bolt unlocks and falls out of battery on it's own. It cycles fine, but the bolt won't lock after pulling the trigger until you cycle it again. Each time you pull the trigger the action just unlocks. I already called the shop and they said to bring it back in, but does anyone
  11. fst96ss

    Gunsmith in CT

    Check JoJo's in Southington. Jody and John are both excellent gunsmiths, and I've had alot of work done by them. jojosgunworks.com
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