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  1. Just got my jellyhead choke for my SBE II and patterned it. Tried Win HV 3.5 #5 and #6, Federal HV flight control 3.5 #5, Federal Mag-Shock flight control 3.5 #5 and #6. Went with the Federal Mag-Shock 3.5 #6, downright awesome pattern. Curious to how well 3" in the above loads will do. Would also like to try Hevi 13.
  2. I just got rid of my super nova with jelly head. I patterned very well with both winchester and federal high velocities in 3.5" #5 and #6 at 45 yds. The heavier loads did not do that great. Was unable to try hevi 13, Winchester xr's or fed heavyweights.
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