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  1. You must remove the butt pad from the stock. Then use an extended socket to loosen the nut inside the stock to back the stock off of the receiver so that the trigger housing will come out. Basically you have to take the stock off to get to the trigger housing. I'm sorry but I can not recall what size socket to use. Hope this helps.
  2. Thanks for the info. 10. I am pretty satisfied with #6 Hevi 13 pattern. Season is a little over a month away and I'm getting anxious to introduce Tom to my SBE II this year.
  3. Hevi 13 #6's is definitely the load that I am using this year. I would still like to try the #5's out of curiosity to see how they compare. Out of all the other loads I've tried (Fed. w/FC, Fed. HV w/FC, Win. HV, and Win. XR) the #6's all out performed the #5's and I would just like to see if how well hevi 13 #5's do.
  4. I know the jellyhead .660 patterns awesome with Hevi 13. Not sure if the crio exta full is able to shoot hevi shot so you might have more options with the jellyhead. Jellyhead is hard to beat for the money in my opinion.
  5. WV opens on April 28th this year with a one day youth hunt on the 26th. We (West Virginian's) keep trying to get the season to open earlier (at least beginning of April) and then opens one week later than last year. Most of the gobblers are done gobbling around here by the time season rolls in.
  6. Hey Preacher I hope that you stick around and not let one bad experience give you a bad taste. I am interested in how well your gun patterns when you do get it back. Be sure though that you do check the serial number, I had a similar issue with one my glocks and they had to send the gun back with a replacement barrel because of a defect in the original so the serial #'s were different on the barrel and receiver. Good Luck and hope to see ya around.
  7. Thanks dbcluck that makes alot of sense. I can never get a good answer out of my co-workers other that that's what pattern best for them or that is what I always use. So far out of everything that I've tried, I really like Hevi 13 3.5" #6 in 2 1/4 oz. load. I would like to try it in #5's to compare it to the #6's because of the energy differences.
  8. Tried a few 5's I got very clustered and open patterns. Most of the 6's I tried were more even. I always had better luck with 6's even out of my 870's and supernova that I had. Posted some pics in the Jellyhead thread started by Mudhen
  9. SBE II / Jellyhead .660 Hevi 13 3.5" #6 2 1/4 oz. @ 35 yds
  10. This was shot using factory bead and fiber along with an H. S. Strut V-pod attached. 215 pellets is what I counted inside the 10" and 3" circles combined. POA was 3" circle
  11. SBE II w/Jellyhead .660 Hevi 13 3.5" #6 2 1/4 oz. @ 40yds
  12. Hevi 13 3.5 #6 in 2 1/4 oz load is the winner!!! Will try and get pics posted in the next couple of days.
  13. Just patterned my SBE II / jellyhead combo with Hevi13 3.5" #6 the new 2 1/4 oz load. After pulling the first two shots, I was able to get three good shots off. one with 176 pellets in 10" circle @ 40yds., one with 215 pellets in 10" circle at 40yds. and one with 256 pellets in 10" circle at 35yds. I am using the factory beads and have an H. S strut V-pod attached to the gun that I shoot from. I will try to post pics in the next couple of days in the Jellyhead .660 thread. You might have a lemon on your hands.
  14. hevi 13 3.5" #6 2 1/4 oz. is the load I patterned today. Pulled a couple shots but was able to check it and get it where it needed to be. 215 pellets in 10" circle at 40 yds. and 256 pellet in 10" circle at 35 yds. were the best that it shot today. I would say that I am sticking to the #6's. Thanks for the replys.
  15. What are some of the disadvantages and advantages between #5 and #6 shot? I've debated with several co-workers but none have given me any reason other than, "that's what I've always shot". I personally have always liked #6 shot and it has always had more even patterns than #5's out of my guns. I know that pellet count is higher in #6 and the size is slightly smaller. But is there really any significant differences other than personal preferance between the two? Also, I don't think I have ever seen or heard of anyone using #4's.
  16. I have found that patterning on posterboard size targets (wrapping paper works too) shows more of what the gun and load is doing. By just shooting at a turkey target, you are unable to judge if the shot went left, right, up or down. On the posterboard, mark a 3-4 inch circle with an "X" in the center as the aiming point. After shooting I then use a 10" pie pan to mark the tightest area and then also mark it with about a 12 or 13" circle around that. I usually shoot two or three shells at the same distance and compare the targets. This is to rule out as much human error. Note: one she
  17. I agree with NovaKing to pattern at various different yardages. As sportsman it is just ethical to know what our equipment is able to or capable of doing or what we are capable of doing with that particular equipment. Being proficient is why we practice and try new things with our equipment. What works for me might not work for anyone else.
  18. Fed. mag-shock 3.5" #5's w/FC were decent but not as even of a pattern out of my set up as the #6's. I still have the targets from when I patterned the #5's and will try to post them after this weekend. I also have several other loads that I am going to try and pattern tomorrow if the weather cooperates.
  19. The supernova that I had loved the HV stuff 1300 fps. 10 gauge, I'm finding out that my SBE II is liking the slower stuff. Mudhen, keep me posted on your results if you try the Federal. I would like to know if you get similar results.
  20. The smaller target was the better of the two. I tried resizing both photos in photobucket and was having problems. I just got some Win XR's 3.5" #6 and 3" #6's from a friend and will try to pattern them this weekend. I was very suprised at how well the Fed Mag-Shock did and again they were not High Velocity.
  21. Federal Mag-Shock 3.5" #6 w/FC @ 40 yds. SBE II/Jellyhead .660 1st shot is big pic (I pulled a bit) 2nd shot small pic is centered
  22. The jellyhead is a fluted choke. I know that Kick's doesn't recommend shooting flight control as they are ported as well as federal. I have photos but I'm not sure how to post them. I would be happy to post them if you could let me know how.
  23. Hey Mudhen, I tried several loads out of my SBE II/Jellyhead set up at 40 yds. yesterday. I found regular Federal Mag-Shock 3.5" #6's w/flight control to pattern the best for me. Very even pattern. I haven't tried any of the Win XR's yet. Would like to try hevi 13 to compare to the impressive pattern that I got from the Federal Mag-Shock though.
  24. No, I did not get to try any Win Ex. Range yet. I hope to be able to try them and Hevi 13 before season though. I like 3.5's but have heard that 3" sometimes shoots better out of 3.5" guns. Plenty of experimeting left to do. My SBE II definitly did not like any of the high velocity loads from Win or Fed.
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