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  1. I noticed the new SBE2 Performance Shop turkey model spec said..."setting of the trigger to break at 3.5 pounds." Is this with a different sear or hammer? Is there any trigger group mods one can do to Benelli's?
  2. Does anyone know if the front sling mount on the M4 Tactical and M2 Tactical will fit on a SBE2?
  3. Pure Gold and Indian Creek will swap chokes. Rhino - buy it once and its yours forever.
  4. Wow... awesome decoy. Maybe a full strutter next Dave?!?!
  5. Just when you thought you had heard it all?!?! Come on now Dave, surely you have heard by now you sell a $120 decoy to try to fool a lovesick gobbler that has been fighting every jake in the flock just to get that one chance to breed a hen, his one time a year?!?! Im not knocking your decoy, but I am surprised you took the stance you did. You make awesome decoys, very realistic. All I was saying is that hunters do get drawn every year into buying gear. Heck we all do. But, my point was you can very easily harvest a tom with the aid of a $15 foam hen decoy as well and sometimes yo
  6. Isnt it funny how we get trapped into "thinking" something new on the market is exactly what we need.... I'm not knocking the decoy. Its probably the most realistic deke I've seen, even comparing it to the new ones like Pretty Boy, Pretty Girl, or the Primos decoys. Would like to see a full body pic of it also. Just think for a second how gobblers go nuts when they see the foam decoys. I killed my first turkey with one Feather Flex hen decoy. Plus they are inexpensive. Now think of modern technology and manufacturing. They can spit out these decoys like pop cans. I wonder how how muc
  7. Benelli models except the 12 ga Nova use a 93A Weaver scope base. MidWayUSA.com sells a few brands of this scope base in one piece or two pieces. The FastFire comes with a Picatinny/Weaver mount, so you could mount it to the 93 base. I think this red dot is more for pistols than shotguns, but, some people do use them on shotguns. Burris makes the SpeedDot that would work better I would think for your turkey gun. It comes with weaver style rings to fit the 93 weaver base. I have a friend with an 870 Super Mangun is Mossy Oak Obsession camo that just got a TruGlo red dot sight mounted on it. He
  8. Does this length barrel come with a steel mid bead and fiber optic front bead like the SBE2 24" barrel does? Im referring to Benelli M2 11026. Thanx.
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