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  1. Excellent pics and very sexy;) rifle. I have several questions as also looking for future mods: are all of these accesories still keep the right balance of the gun and overall weight, is it ok? XTS have only one bracket/holder?
  2. Corsarych(C)

    M4 Capacity?

    kind a joke in this theme:D buti just put the mag extender of fabarm to m4 and it fits well....
  3. M4.....you inspired me:D i will make the adapter....
  4. Super M4, Above muzzle brake is called compensator by Benelli look to the accessori part link below http://www.benelli.it/Articoli/Armi.asp?ID=783 i'm personalli NOT recommend it 'cause on our forum guns.ru several guys damaged them trying to take away from rifle, and finally one succeded in breaking it for two pieces. This item is made of some alloy not steel. Where did we get them? All M4 wich officialy sold in Russia had them OEM. I never see them in Russia in gunshops, but in Ukraine it is sold for 40usd. Below muzzle break is not benelli it is Fabarm. And it is good, stee
  5. case is perfect! even little rollers for heavy artillery;) again like m4 with this stock. as for me it is most suitable vs skeleton and retractable. if you do not mind that i'm posting in your thread, my "2 cents" or as we say "5 copeek" pair of my Benelli's
  6. devices are muzzle brakes, one of them is forM4. strange thing, as i see no US or any other M4 with it, and i'm personally do not like it
  7. well good for you, we do not have ability to choose. only skeleton, not "classic" not pistol grip with non-folding stock (as on benelli web-site).
  8. a kind of stock of M4 is not very hard to copy if it is really needed, i suppose that 300-50**** will be enough. I'm not sure 'bout gunsmith but normal car custom service can replicate them...i mean mechanism of course.
  9. I'm a necomer for BenelliUSA, so first Hi from all Russian BenelliUsers:D I have SAT8 as well as M4 and can compare them without any problem. SAT8 is a good weapon (cost/effective) as in Moscow it cost 45K Rub vs 77KRub for M4. (1Usd - 24Rub) I made about 600 shots from SAT without any problems (mainly slugs). Funny, the first thing you feel when compare M4 vs SAT in hands, is weight! M4 heavier, and give you good feeling of quality, also I like mechanical scheme of M4 more -easy and simple very useful! The only SAT8 negative, is linked with it's Knoxx stock, looks like item from t
  10. Corsarych(C)

    M4 Capacity?

    4+1 Strange:confused: I have 7+1 or 6+1 capacity, difference only 'cause of cartridge length...
  11. Congrats! Also purchased M4 not long ago! Interesting stock, M4 looks very good.
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