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Everything posted by kafasi

  1. have you ever heard a beretta jams
  2. buy a beretta urika it never jams never never.....
  3. When benelli cordoba comes in 26''? anybody knows?
  4. i live in turkey.this time last year we shoot many ducks but now there are a few only
  5. pressure cooker 1 hour,pepper,salt, butter (early doves)
  6. tucker was right .not the same day
  7. there is a limit 10 per day per one guy
  8. first one morning,second one afternoon
  9. because you are a senior member also well known member
  10. tomorrow dove season starts ........
  11. hey tucker do you start new photo page for 2009 (dove and waterfowl)????
  12. kafasi


    just one word ; ugly
  13. buy m2 if you dont need 3.5 shells.we all know simply perfect.all semi guns is one piece reciever (beretta,remington,..etc) why ? less parts less problems
  14. 3 hunters , m2 (mine),browning gold hunter,and charles daly auto.in the early morning famous benelli click then spray a little oil on the rails bang bang bang
  15. Last day last hunt .end of season...95 dead 35 missing
  16. tnx tucker.i tried the pen (birchwood) it is to bright ,ok for shiny blue barrels but not for matte
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