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  1. in international tournaments some manufacturars trucks be in there.when i was there with my 682 skeet i visited the beretta truck.teh old gun smith there cleaned my gun with the break free and gave me a dozen of oils.he sad the best is BREAK FREE
  2. heavy means 3'' or 2'3/4 heavy ones ????
  3. im going to buy a cordoba(15 days left) .i always fully clean the gun before first use. is really necessary burn heavy loads at first time of use .(if necessary ...for what
  4. kafasi

    Cordoba vs M2

    4+1 and two piece reciever,10 mm rib (best for dove hunting)
  5. also in my country m2 1850 euro cordoba 2500 euro 1 euro=1.57 $
  6. for dove hunt i always use 24 gr no:8 and in forum all guys sad m2 cant operate these lightest loads
  7. money is not important.for only waterfowl and dove which one do you prefer? in a month i will buy one ps:i hate magnum loads
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