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  1. sometimes breakfree clp,sometimes browning legia nothing special i mean.only problem is i used a kind of hard bath towel and used strenght then it becomes white...i will send pics
  2. standart m2 field black synt..tucker helppppp
  3. i did what you sad.but nothing changed .yes it is still white-ish.any other options to turn the original color? maybe bluing or repainting or smting else ......
  4. after a good weekend hunt,today i cleaned my m2. but i saw a little piece of rust outside of the barrel. oiled first and use a hard wipes..... in the end the color of the area became whiter so what can i do now? how i return the original ?
  5. if you want a semi for clays 391 series is better.
  6. buy over under for shooting clays.choose a sporting model maybe browning xs with choke tubes
  7. doves with charles daly , waterfowls with my new m2
  8. kafasi


    tucker301 im in turkey .pm me your email i will send the pics
  9. kafasi


    i bought m2 last week .first i will go for cordoba but in the end i choosed m2. m2 vs sbe2 ...m2 cycle all loads (yesterday 8 greenwinged teals with olimpic trap loads 24gr 7.5) sbe2 not. you can reach more parts easy .yes sbe2 cleans 5 sec less than m2..if you want to shoot 3.5 shells the only semi is sbe2 if donnt buy m2. why i cant chose cordoba because 26 inch fits me better
  10. buy a 391 optima for clays like tucker said
  11. wolverine ridgeline 600 gr thinsulate
  12. when i was in olympic team in my country i shoot at least 8000 shells for practice every year (skeet) .try shoot with booth eyes open
  13. i have charles daly 12 ga with max4. made in turkey.ultra light weight ,you can shoot any shells .today i baged 25 doves with 24 gram no:7.5..gas system .in turkey its name is ata arms...
  14. which one is better and why?
  15. ic changes 1 in 25 . ihad 682 and i was in olympic team in my country. i did my best scores with my miroku and ic/ic
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