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  1. Just a thought:

    I got in the habit of pushing off the safety on my SuperSport for every shot when I had a "lost bird" (skeet) from the safety being pushed on in the case. It's now an automatic motion but I've practiced it a lot!

    I'm sure that of you put it on, shoulder the gun and push it off and repeat 100 times, it'll become a thoughtless action.

  2. I shoot my SuperSport for Trap, Skeet and Sporting Clays.

    It is a "flat-shooting" gun (50/50) which I like. Some people prefer a "high-shooting" (60/40 or 70/30) gun for trap which allows them to "float" the rising targets. You can change the comb insert to make the SS shoot higher.

    It is a fantastic clays gun and, although at 7.2 lb, a little light for some people for Skeet, I'm fine with it. You can add weight to it. Try to shoot one at your club. (If you're ever in NY you're welcome to shoot mine!:D)


  3. Nice job, Michael!

    My understanding is that anything that retards or stops the gun from moving backwards will impede the inertia system so, if you put the butt against a concrete wall (I've never done this) and fire it, the action will not cycle. Conversely, if you hold it away from your body, (I have done this) it will cycle just fine. So, adding weight might impede the cycling but "limp shouldering" will not.

    The M4 is gas-operated out of USMC's concerns that all their add-ons might prevent an inertia action from cycling.

  4. SS uses "Crio Plus" extended chokes M2 uses flush chokes

    SS holds 4+1 (plug removed) M2 3+1

    SS ported M2 non-ported

    SS 12g: 28" or 30" only M2 various barrel lengths

    Both weigh the same with the same barrel length (ie: 7.2lb for 28")

    I've shot SBE, Sport 2, Monte, Legacy and my SS; I have "become one" with the SS; BTW, don't let anyone talk you out of the SS based on porting, it's no louder and I believe it does reduce muzzle climb.

    Good luck.

  5. I've shot maybe 5-6K shells through my SS and started getting an occasional FTF/ bolt locked back with live shell on the carrier.

    Took out the trigger group, cleaned and lubed it, reassembled the gun; good as new! Easy to do, also:cool:

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