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  1. If you haven't sold it already, I would like it.

    [email protected]

  2. Uh? I'm in CA. I want to extend my tube capacity. The store where I bought it said "can't do as it would be illegal". Another store that has some pros working there said "no problem". So I'd like to know myself. I would buy a new tube unless it's illegal. Otherwise I would just get the extension and have it on hand. Feed back?
  3. I've got an M4 I've used Federal lowest possible power shells available. I've only run 150 rounds through the gun so far. I've had two hang ups occur. Once when my buddy was firing it (second shot) and once when my wife fire it (first shot) Both times was because they did not have the gun tight to the body so the recoil allowed the gun to go back further. That results in lost energy thus screwing up the cycling. I myself, have not have one issue with the gun so far. BTW I really really really like it.
  4. Actually, if you look on this forum somewhere there is the pdf file for the USMC instructions for the M4 With the smaller mag tube you can actually fit up to 7 rounds in it. 5 in the tube, one on the carrier and one in the chamber.
  5. Bit of update. Many many thanks to the person that did all the work in getting the USMC manual on line. I STILL have yet to fire the weapon. But I am reading the USMC manual and going through the steps. I am so impressed with the engineering and design and thought that went into this. Just great. I am soooooo stoked.
  6. I just read through the USMC manual. It's great! Tells ya everything you need to know (except for removal of a 'fixed' stock.
  7. There are those lucky ones that got the telescoping stock (and removal instructions) and those of us that were required to have a 'fixed' stock. I have no idea how to get the fixed stock off as of yet.
  8. Why do you want to get rid of the extension tube? I'm considering one for my M4
  9. Hey thanks! This will help a 'newbie' like me a lot!
  10. Sheeesh. I am now the proud owner of an M4 The guys at the store don't know jackS*^t. So I have some questions if those of you more knowledgeable can answer them I would appreciate it. A) I was told that shooting slugs through the M4 would greatly reduce reliability. B) If I can shoot slugs through it, what kind is doable? C) I was told by the sales geek that the M4 with it's gas tubes would handle any sort of loads but I've read here that is not the case. Input? D) Since I have the shorter tube, does it work just as well to buy the extension (+2) or is it bette
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