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  1. I guess good luck getting someone to asnwer a question about an M4. I have one myself and was going to buy one from Mesa and they were sold out and was going to consider Tac Star since they were considerably cheaper. I guess now I'm not. Was the problem ever solved? Have you found any one that has a single point sling mount for one? John
  2. Does anyone know where I could get a single point sling attachment for my M4. I have a few places on the internet and they make them for the M1, 2, & 3 but not the M4. The reason for my choice is so that I only need one sling for both my carbine and my shotgun. Thanks, John
  3. Try Brownells.com. I bought one from them and it works well for me.
  4. I was real disappointed when a $115 add on item became out rageously priced and gave up on the thought of owning one when the price went upto the $800 range. I was never a big fan of collapsable stocks on shotguns from the flip over metal ones I had on some issued 870s. I was able to get one for $205 via my my police agency. I like it. So, if you're a COP I have a contact for you if you PM me. John
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