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  1. I was reading on the Refuge that he pleaded not guilty. He had to turn over all the guns that were in his home even those not owned by him. The judge did say that since he owns a retail shop and is an FFL holder that he can sell guns that are in stock but cannot buy,or trade for others. The IDNR said he would only lose his hunting privlages if he were convicted. The report also said he was served with a summons to appear in court in Alberta as he was leaving the court house.
  2. Duckjunky

    Kip "Still Alive..."

    Glad to hear you're back home and on the mend. Take care.
  3. Well I would put the MOJO where the ducks typically land at those spots with those spreads. I normally run one but in the late season I run two. What I have noticed is the spinner doesnt always bring them in locked up but it will buy one more pass and they nomally come back or one more look. Good Luck. Hope this helps.
  4. Thanks for the info guys. Hunt Safe, Duckjunky
  5. Hey guys I bought a Supernova earlier this season. I'm thinking about getting a rifled slug ba barrel for it and was wondering what slugs work well out of them? Thanks in advance, Duckjunky
  6. If you can go out there for spring snow geese so you can see what the area is like meet some locals make some contacts. Most of all the first season out there is going to be a learning experience. Good luck, Duckjunky
  7. Prayers sent, May God Bless and keep their families. Duckjunky
  8. The calls on my lanyard are: QUACKER ATTACKER TIMBER HEARTLAND CUSTOM CALLS X-OUT(acrylic shaved short reed) PRIMOS WENCH Duckjunky
  9. I believe my signature says it all. Duckjunky
  10. Believe it or not my slug gun loves to shoot regular Remington sluggers. Can't believe how well it shoots them Duckjunky
  11. Hey Guys, Did Benelli ever make fully rifled slug barrels or smooth bore slug barrels for 12ga. Montefeltros?? Thanks in advance, Duckjunky
  12. Hunting Ducks and geese. Not in California. Duckjunky
  13. Ok guys here's the range report for my motefeltro. The gun is awesome functioned perfect. Shot one line of trap went 20-25. Needless to say I love the gun going back tomorrow to shoot with my son. By the way here are pics I said I would post enjoy. Duckjunky
  14. Hey guys,just bought my Benelli Montefeltro 12ga. what 3 inch waterfowl loads with what choke tubes do you guys recommend. Thanks in advance, Duckjunky
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