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  1. My SBE camo starts 111,XXX and it's 1999. My Super 90 M3 is 493,XXX and if I remember he said 2002, but no chokes, rifle sights and tactical or vertical pistol grip. The best information would come from customer service at Benelli on the telephone. OR you could write them snail mail.
  2. It would be my guess that the 12 gauge with shot sealed the bore tighter than the 20 gauge shell loose in the barrel. Then the charge from the 12 ignited the 20 so the sequence was always fluid or moving. The barrel never had a tight seal like yours did. With the O/U I always check my reloads if they sound a little different. Something you should do even in 3 gun. I can imagine it would be a lot harder in that situation, but something ya have to get an ear for ASAP. I have never had a light load until I got to my progressive loaders. I should have bought the Dillon. expensive but they ha
  3. ARCQB

    Diagram of M3

    I tried it and no go. It's much better to go to the phone and ask yer questions, and get the book on the way. Very little if any hold time and wealth of info. I just acquired my 3rd Benelli at the gun show this weekend, and will be buying my fourth when the check book gets healthy again. My next gun?? Why another Super Sport in 20g this time. Just a real sweet gun.
  4. I have to agree with Banjo MD, the Super Sport is a great gun for Sporting an hunting in 12 or 20. Cryo treated chokes and barrels, good trigger and comfort tech stock is adjustable including cheek piece and butt pad for LOP.
  5. I sold my cotori as I just could not get the fit I wanted. 57 was my best sporting clays score after a couple of years. I was totally frustrated. I had planned on buying a Perazzi and with most of a nice collection of Savage 99's sold for seed money I bought a Benelli Super Sport to shoot on a trip to Washington. Best thing I ever did. On my return, my first Sporting score was in the mid sixties and 5 stand jumped from 12 to 21! I was pretty excited. I dumped the plans for the Perazzi and bought a Beretta cause I was sure I could do better with a stack barrel w/32" barrells. I added 12 to 14 o
  6. Howdy TMAC! Glad to hear you got him back. When I lived in the Priest Lake country folks would drive around and steal hunting dogs during the season, use them or lose them and sometimes shoot them rather than give 'em back. So happy to hear of a great out come. I chip all of my dogs now. Best 35.00 I have ever spent. I like the no name on the collar idea and riveting info to the collar. My dogs have lost their info several times with the tags. I have never hunted water foul, but would like to someday. This is the place I'm told, but tons of anti hunters movin in that don't like guns or hu
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