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  1. Due to the front lug and sight on the M4, its a lot easier to install a KA-1212 or KA-1212BR on an extended choke tube. We usually use a cylinder choke and do a slight reverse-jug on it for better patterning. Not tooting our own horn here, but there's nothing on the market right now that performs as well as the KA brake/suppressors do. Between the improved patterning, reduced recoil, and near-elimination of muzzle flash, it is probably the most effective upgrade for a shotgun. The ability to shoot faster and further without flash is a helluva advantage for the scattergun
  2. Any new gun is going to have a break-in period before it will run smoothly (and eat lower power loads). The surfaces have to smooth out and the springs have to take a set. As far as ammo goes though, use Federal bulk-pak, its a little hotter and runs in most semi-autos very well. Winchester ammo is usually a bit doggy in gas-operated semiautos.
  3. We can refinish your barrel and mag tube for about $75 including return shipping. Parkerizing + Duracoat or ceramic
  4. We do forcing cone work, but most Benelli barrels are chrome-lined and that really makes doing any reaming work more of a PITA than its worth. For the conversion we just need the barrel and the mag tube, we built the tooling to install everything just as it was on the factory barrel, so your sights will stay the same (or damn close) after we relocate it.
  5. We don't do much work with chokes here, I'd contact a smith that does a lot of work on sporting/hunting shotguns, they'd be a better authority on the subject. Most of what we deal with is LE/HD guns where 99% of the barrels are cylinder bores. There's a smith named Mike Orlen out of MA (413) 256-1630 who is a guru when it comes to chokes, if it can be done he'd know how to do it.
  6. Hey, hadn't been on here in awhile but saw a ton of people were visiting our site from here so figured I'd check in to see what was going on. Just to clarify a couple things, we're not rethreading for chokes, the Benelli barrel is too thin to do that well. Were relocating items from the choked section of the barrel. If you look at the M4 barrel you can see how it flares out just prior to the choke tube, this is done to allow enough room to thread for the choke tubes. We've built all the needed tools to do the conversion right, and as long as we're doing several at a time it can be done
  7. Pick up a standard barrel and send it in, we can shorten it and bushing the sights/lug for you. You're going to have a helluva time trying to locate a factory 14" barrel unfortunately.
  8. kingarmory

    SBS/BBL work

    Yes, as long as it is secured by one of the approved methods (i.e. hi-temp silversolder, brazing, welding, pin&weld, etc). One of our most frequent jobs is chopping Remington or Mossberg barrels down to 16.25" and adding a breacher for 18.25" OAL.
  9. kingarmory

    SBS/BBL work

    Fortunately, we were able to fix it without having to scrap the barrel. The last 2.6" of the barrel were wrecked and our breaching attachments only add 2" to the barrel so we machined a custom extended version of our KA-1212BR that would add 2.75" to the barrel and radiused the bottom of it to fully clear the mag cap. We chopped out the bad section of barrel, resized the barrel lug and front sight to the right heights and had them TIG'ed to the breacher, then silversoldered the breacher to the barrel with a heat sink in place and reparkerized the barrel ass'y. It was by far the biggest PITA
  10. kingarmory

    SBS/BBL work

    It was soldered/brazed, we got to de-f*** the barrel for the customer. Instead of using a heat sink and a bushing like he should have, he piled brazing on till the sight and barrel lug heights were correct. Considering that an M4 barrel is about .050" thick at that point and he needed to shim the height about .110", you can guess how much heat was being dumped on that thin Benelli barrel. The barrel was horribly warped (including the alignment of the sight and barrel lug) and the temper of the steel was ruined, the barrel was so hard that it was a PITA to cut. This guy shouldn't be allowed
  11. kingarmory

    SBS/BBL work

    He's now moved on to the 6.5 Grendel forums to peddle a different product/service. Seems like this guy is trying to be the next Todd Bailey
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