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  1. PS - Perhaps I can convince Carriercomp to make this simple replacement part to the proper specs Last edited by Duggan; Yesterday at 07:31 PM. I would love to change my m4 rail for that reason alone and install Carriercomp's rail instead.
  2. This is a first for me to hear that type of delay at this time from benelli. There's another possibility for the long delay.maybe the dealer is on some kind of grey list with benelli or something.All gun manufacturers have a list of prefered dealers and another for less prefered dealers. Maybe you ought to try another dealer.
  3. Same here,i looked at them at a gun show and when i got back home,i ordered the benelli m4 right away. Go benelli,you wont regret it!
  4. No problem m8,i'm glad i could help.
  5. I got mine just like mentionned above except i had a choke which was already installed in the barrel,probably more convenient that way for them or for some other reason. It had a little wear on the slide but only from firing at the factory for test firing.
  6. When trying to watch the video,it says:''this video as been removed by user'' thanks for this thread Duggan,very informative.
  7. LOL Thanks Kip and i bet i'll have that tube and a couple spare springs in the mail before the end of this month. Thanks for your devotion towards your customer,it's greatly appreciated and i'll make sure that on my side of the border,owners of m4 will know about your company and what a great job your doing. Eric
  8. Thanks a lot,that's all i need to hear from you kip,you're really dedicated to what you do and i appreciate it. Eric
  9. I think it's the same for all canadians,we dont seem to be able to choose our own carrier,when we choose USPS,we dont have any choice but to bear with canadian post because once the package arrives at the border,Canada post takes charge of it till it reaches destination in Canada.And right now it's a pain in the *** because Canada post employees are using desruptive tactics to force the government to accept their conditions and demands,this means our packages gets lost our become uterly late. Can you do purolator ?
  10. I'm having the same problem as ejts,if we leave a space in the postal code it goes to the next step which we arent able to chose the carrier because of an unknown reason but if we write with no space in between,it really creates an error and we cant go past that screen. I have never been able to order from the states in the past and have UPS deliver my merchandise.I'm clueless as to why but have always been given USPS as the only means of delivery from the states,their must be a reason why and i think it has to do with the fact only USPS as a contract with the canadian post
  11. O yes,i forgot that little detail:)over here in Canada we have to pin our mags at 5 rounds for riffles. They're are a few exception that are considered like pistols,those can have a mags holding 10 rounds. The maximum capacity for pistols is 10 rounds in Canada. Thanks for the refresh ejts
  12. Yes they are legal to own in canada and thanks for making the changes so quickly It will be a good business move on your part i'm sure
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