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  1. I bought mine from this site: http://www.shop.carriercomp.com. These tubes are titanium and of excellent quality. I'm very happy with mine. Also, Kip is very pleasant to deal with. I would highly recommend you check it out.
  2. Thanks a lot Kip:D, I very much appreciate your efforts to accomodate us
  3. Thanks for your prompt action! I wish all vendors were as accomodating:D I'm having a problem choosing a shipping method though, I am getting an error "Please enter a valid ZIP Code for the recipient" in the shipping method screen.
  4. The only restrictions for AR's in Canada is that they have to have a mag pinned to only hold 5 rounds and of course, semi-auto only.
  5. Hi Kip, Do you ship to Canada? I tried placing an order but I am not able to find an option for it. Earl
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