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  1. If you shoot mostly trap, why don't you get a trap gun and continue to shoot your dad's Citori for skeet?
  2. Light modified is a bit tight for skeet, but for a lot of sporting clays presentations it is quite good. For skeet, most folks use skeet or improved cylinder. Remember that steel shot will group tighter than lead will. I tend to use light modified when I shoot 5-stand. It's a bit of a comprimise.
  3. I find that corn-fed pheasant has a flavor somewhere between chicken and beef. That's probably because it's . . . corn-fed. Love the stuff. I used to eat it chicken-fried, but can't anymore. Try it sauteed in wine. Pheasant Marsala is especially good.
  4. The size of the pattern is not what really changes between 20 and 12 gauge. Rather it is the density of the pattern. More pellets = a denser pattern. Take a look at this video. http://americangundog.com/movies/AGD4-E4_SS_20-ga.html
  5. Yes, it is more difficult to hit with a 20 gauge. Fewer pellets mean fewer hits.
  6. Not enough brands here. What happened to Browning, Franchi, Winchester, etc.?
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