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  1. chili_rod

    121 sl80

    Looked them up....thanks a million for the info. I will call them tomorrow.
  2. chili_rod

    121 sl80

    Sorry guys, didn't mean to start WW III here. Just wanted to get some info on syntethic stocks and sights for this shotgun. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. chili_rod

    121 sl80

    Hello all, I just wanted to get some info from some of you SL80 fans out there. I got this from a friend of mine for $200.00 and some frequent flyer miles. The shotgun is in very good shape just some minor dings in the wood and a scratch on the barrel and on the top of the receiver, nothing major. I did some modifications to it. It had a fixed choke barrel, so I took it to Briley's here in Houston to drill the barrel for some choke tubes. I would like to find a synthetic stock for it so I can take it dove hunting. I have also looked for aftermarket sights but i have yet to find any that f
  4. you have to post 5 replies to post a pic on this forum
  5. you have to post 5 replies to post a pic.
  6. you have to post 5 replies.
  7. It all comes down to preference when buying a new shotgun
  8. Southeast Texas is great for duck hunting.
  9. I guess i'm partial to semi's. I would take into account that Nova's are pumps.
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