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  1. I own quit a few guns with screw in choke tubes and my SBE is the only one I've ever had get a stuck choke,and I know of four other people with the same thing.I believe it came from shooting BB steel out of it.I had mine removed,they had to cut it out.Every year I get a new choke for the gun because the one I had in the gun will swell up and is hard to get out or get back in,and it will not even fit in the end of my nova.That's just my experience.
  2. I think its all a matter of personal preference.I have a camo sbe,I hunt salt and brackish marshes with it.That is the main reason I got the camo just a way to protect the gun from the elements.I prefer wood stocks and blued finishes on guns but for my meat gun I'll get camo every time.
  3. bwteal6

    SBE barrel

    It was gone,deleted,cleaned out no problem things have away of working out
  4. Break in or checking out your pattern is rough, but I have to agree that when I'm hunting I never really feel the recoil from the 3.5's.I have felt the difference when in the field going from slower to faster loads.
  5. The camo finish on my sbe has what I would consider normal where from hunting,handling,inserting/removing from case it has never just come off or flaked.
  6. bwteal6

    SBE barrel

    Well if you want to know both on gun broker one seller had nib sbe 2 max 4 camo 28" for 1325.00 and the other was a nib sbe2 timber camo 24" for 1045.00:eek:,this guy only had them in 24" for that price.In my neck of the woods these are selling steady at 1500.00 so they are good deals especially the last one,but I use the gun to hunt ducks over big water down here in coastal La. so the 28 is my choice.
  7. bwteal6

    SBE barrel

    Thanks Hog,I saw them when I did a search,but there was some site that I cannot find that had the same barrels but for just under 500.00.Its killing me because I was on my wifes computer at her desk and when I went to go back to find it everything was gone:eek:She says she had nothing to do with the disappearance.The only good thing to come out of it is some great deals I've found on a new gun.
  8. bwteal6

    SBE barrel

    This is my first time here,never knew it existed.I have owned an SBE for about 11 years and I'm getting ready to retire it because of ejector issues,long story.I will be getting a new SBE II. I was just wondering if anyone knew where I might be able to get a new SBE barrel for the old one.I know that I can put a new SBE II barrel on it but I was just curious about the old style barrel.
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