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  1. mean green sir, if possible, please email me the same at [email protected] thank you.
  2. hahaha! almost fell of my seat!
  3. copy that humvee 10, i wanted the black too that was why i settled for m2 since the m4 they carry was desert camo; and i had bad experiences with those!
  4. i doubt it if benelli did; normally, they say they are on back- log on a certain item and it would take x number of days and check once in a while if they have it on stock already. now that apply to fast moving items like the complete gun itself but for a barrel? considering the cost of the same, its not among the fast- moving items and hence they would have it in stock as per confirmed by your call. just a matter of pushing your dealer's employee in the right direction, gently of course.
  5. they probably gave you a standard answer, talk to the gunstore manager and convey what benelli has told you. it's just probably a snafu on the gunstore employee's part since benelli's are back ordered.
  6. good luck with the bar exams munger! a necessary sacrifice for a greater goal.
  7. i am learning from the guru's every time i visit this forum; thanks sir! pardon me for the ignorance though hevi- shot T's are the triglides?
  8. thank you for the inputs sir(s), will try to check them out one of these days, i appreciate it.
  9. sir's i am a newbie on a shotgun, i am wondering if the members from los angeles could point me to their go to guys when it comes to shotgun fitting. any input is highly appreciated. thanks:)
  10. it is actually good to know that benelli will stand behind their product regardless of years of ownership; it probably is a bug in their website but i too was bothered when it said 1 year instead of 5; the thing with the situation at hand that bothers me is when push comes to shove, the written warranty stipulation prevails as this forms a contract between the manufacturer and the consumer. and if a consumer is nonchallant about it, he waives his legal rights to the same as he was remissed in observing his rights. i hope benelli could clarify this matter as this brings a rather chilling effect
  11. sir's what ih4ever is referring to is the prompt from the benelli website that actually said 1- year from date of purchase instead of 5 years. he has a valid point to be alarmed as the warranty stipulation is a limitation to the mandate of consumer laws. now this limitation when stipulated and agreed to limits the collateral liability of the manufacturer. 5 years reduced to a year is a very drastic reduction of the warranty stipulation and hence the question of the gentleman above mentioned. and yes, the warranty certificate for online registration(s) indeed say one year instead of 5 years fro
  12. i'm sorry to ask sir, but is it not that the m4 is legal in california, correct me if i am wrong but then again, i saw one of these just 2 days ago from martin b rettings in culver city where i picked up my recently acquired m2
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