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  1. Quit 'looking' and go ahead a buy! I'm a lefty and own both the SBE and SBEII LH in black. GREAT guns...should have bought earlier. Shot mostly O/U's or bottom eject pumps prior to this and still use them on occasion, but always reach for the SBEII now. I did look at other LH autoloaders, but always came back to SBE...just fit me better. Don't forget the other advantage of shooting a LH built auto - it pretty much guarantees you a spot at the end of the blind due to the opposite eject!
  2. Same here in the deep south, we can shoot doves, rabbits, or quail with lead over the same field we will shoot waterfowl the next day with steel on non-toxic. Completely logical...
  3. oldboots hit the nail on the head - the SBEII chokes are called 'removable' for a reason. Remove the choke, say once a month if shooting frequently (and especially if hunting in inclement weather), clean, oil it and re-install it. In my experience, do this and the problem should not reoccur.
  4. jimbob100


    i agree with ih4ever, modified for hunting with steel shot covers most all situations well. Of course, tucker301 is right (as always) that the more open bore typically (statistically) patterns better with larger (BB, BBB and up)
  5. Great duck gun - no matter the color. I hunt brackish marshes and rice fields with black synthetic - no problems in 3 years. My $0.02, but if the birds are close enough to see black or camo, they are close enough to die - also black is easier for you to find when you come back after leaving it in the grass on the levee.
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