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  1. I carry a Rambo knife. that gets me everything
  2. My tubes float! I dont know what you guys are talking about.
  3. I hope to order a r-1 soon. Bummer im a lefty so i have to send in a special order.
  4. Got to hold the R-1 for the first time a couple days ago, Felt like a piece of heaven. Great looking rifle!

  5. holy cow, 1100 for the new montefeltro, i got mine for 997!
  6. I dont know if I can help you much but I bought a Montefeltro in jaunuary. I plan on using it for mostly geese and clay sports. I got it in 12ga. It holds 2 3/4 and 3in shells, it is a light, fast smooth gun. I would suggest getting the montefeltro, just incase you want to go for geese some day, but you can still shoot 2 3/4 in loads. hope this helped a little bit. -Klay
  7. How can people hate these guns? They are sooo beautiful!
  8. My benelli montefeltro came with one.
  9. Hey Stid2677,

    I'm worried that the r-1 doesnt come left handed!? I hope Benelli makes then left handed.

    -Klay- a.k.a. Cody

  10. I clean mine with light oil. I will take the trigger mechanism, bolt, and barrel. Once and a while I will take apart the bolt.
  11. I have got one but sorry it is not for sale, and it never will be. Hope you get one soon, beautiful gun!
  12. Do you carry a defense weapon when you are hunting? Like a .44 mag

  13. Spectacular!! You are talking about a .300 win mag? I believe so. Well you just sold a R-1. Thanks, I was just worried because a guy my dad knows says that the .300 win mag will knock me right on my butt. I have read up on the R-1 and it said a .300 wm was like shooting a .270. I believe it because I bought a Montefeltro and it is everything Benelli said. Thanks! Cody
  14. Bobcat, I think im more jealous of the gun than the deer! I don't want to brag. haha. Good luck 2009 season!
  15. Stid I admire you greatly! Black hawk pilot im assuming. I want to join the Air Force and travel the world hunting just like you. thanks for being a great inspiration! -Cody-
  16. Hello Stid, I was thinking about buying a R-1 .300 win mag. Im average build about 150 lbs. Do you think I would be able to handle it? Please let me know.
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